City Council

The City Council is a five-member, non-partisan, governing body - elected by the citizens of Helper. Members serve four-year terms. The Mayor is elected separately and acts as the chairperson for City Council meetings. 




Donna Archulleta 
darrEn cloward
david dornan

David Dornan is a full-time artist who has been living in Helper with his wife Marilou for 25 years.  In 1999 he left the University of Utah to pursue his art career full time. Although he has had several business interests in town his main focus has been his own painting and the Helper Art Workshops.  David loves community involvement and believes one can make a significant difference as a city council member in a town the size of Helper.  He supports controlled growth for the future while honoring and maintaining the town’s rich historical integrity.  His main responsibility on City Council is public works.

malarie matsuda

Malarie Matsuda was raised in Carbon County and traveled around, gaining diverse experience and insight, before calling Helper home. Malarie has served both individuals and community, fulfilling roles from elementary educator to being an elected councilmember on the Helper City Council. She has been an entrepreneur with several businesses and enjoys organizing community events, such as establishing a labyrinth on the Helper River Walk, the yearly Trunk or Treat, and the Helper Arts Festival Car Show.  She has many years of study and experience in yoga, meditation, and sound therapy. Malarie enjoys connecting with people of all ages, from children to elders, and hopes to knit her community in a way that creates lasting bonds from one generation to the next.

amanda wheeler

Amanda Wheeler is a creative mom of three who has resided in the town of Helper for the last 10 years. She married William Wheeler in 2010 and they found the perfect place to raise a family here in Helper. Amanda is a professional portrait photographer and a proud small business owner in Helper City. She also holds state and national licenses for being a pharmacy technician. She has worked in medicine for the last 20 years.  

Family is one of the biggest reasons she ran for office. Amanda wants the place where she raises her family to be safe, beautiful and something to be proud of. She wants our schools, parks, and recreation to be the best they can be to provide the highest standards of education and outdoor options for our children and families to live grow and play.  

Amanda is a big advocate of change. She believes if we never change we will never grow. If we want to be great, we have to take some chances. All it takes is one person to make a difference. She is proud of everything our city has accomplished in the last 4 years and excited about the direction Helper City is heading.