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The inaugural Poet Laureate of Helper City is Nancy Takacs


As a lover of the written word, and a published award-winning poet, she believes that writing is exciting, needs to be shared, and is also how we discover our voices. Whether you have written a poem, a journal, a memoir, or a story, you may want to join Nancy in the events she will create, to celebrate writing and writers. Nancy has brought poetry and memoir writing to the Carbon County community for many years as a professor at CEU/USU, as a poetry instructor at the Carbon County Senior Center, and as a literary event host for workshops and readings. She will serve a two-year term, teaching in schools and for local communities of writers who may want to learn more about just how much fun writing poetry can be. She will continue to organize literary events in Helper, including the Steamboat Mountain Reading Series, which will now move its cancelled spring line-up to later dates. 

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