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Mining & Railroad Museum

The Western Mining Railroad Museum exhibits Carbon County’s coal mining past, and the railroad, which has been the lifeblood of the area.  It also showcases life in Helper throughout the last century.

The Western Mining and Railroad Museum is an excellent place to learn information not usually found in history books, with oral histories told by curators and docents. The gift shop also offers booklets about history and lore for a self-guided driving tour up Spring Canyon.


 Descend into the lower level for a walk-through section of a mock-up coal mine—complete with canary cages—and visit the jail and smithy. Upstairs, continue through the old hotel and visit themed rooms that house a well-stocked Company Store, schoolroom, Veterans Honor Hall, miniature locomotives, dinosaur fossils, and footprints. A miniature train will chug around a tiny track for a quarter, and ascend to the upper floors for a panorama view of the modern train yard.

Museum Hours

Winter Hours

Monday - Saturday

11 AM - 4 PM

Closed Sundays and ALL Major Holidays.

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